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An urgent challenge:

An increasing number of consumers are valuing the ease of online shopping, creating a new momentum in retail.

This shift offers traditional stores a chance to reinvent and boost the allure of their physical sites, aiming to attract more customers.

The difficulty:

A significant shift in buying decisions and an increasing customer preference for online shopping are fueling e-commerce growth.
Retailers are seeing a noticeable drop in store visits, which can directly impact sales. Traditional sales tactics often fall short in attracting customers and enhancing revenue. As e-commerce thrives, retailers need to explore innovative strategies to stay competitive.

Launching a Shopify E-Commerce store with an integrated POS solution

To meet this challenge, we suggest the implementation of a Shopify online store alongside your brick-and-mortar business. This approach enables retailers to effectively manage and synchronize both online and offline sales channels.

Advantages of Shopify POS:

Centralized Payment Management: All transactions, whether online or in-store, are centrally controlled via the Shopify dashboard, streamlining business operation oversight.

Online and Offline Sales Integration: Merging online shops with physical stores through a unified POS system enhances the shopping experience and boosts customer satisfaction.

No Monthly Fees for Payment Terminals: Shopify POS is compatible with conventional hardware like iPads and supports major cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, without extra monthly charges.

Why is Shopify the ideal solution for your business?

Our Shopify solution enables seamless integration of an online store with your brick-and-mortar business, allowing for efficient management of both channels via one system – saving time and increasing sales.
It also offers the advantage of selling nationwide without being tied to physical store hours.

Long-Term Advantages:

Expand Reach and Boost Sales:
Your online shop enables you to serve customers beyond local limits, enhancing revenue potential.

Improved Customer Retention:
A unified shopping experience across all platforms increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations: Centralizing management of both online and offline sales cuts down on administrative tasks and substantially increases sales.

It’s totaly free until you start selling your products.

Why you should trust us
Braeutigam Media collaborates closely with Shopify, having completed extensive training within the Shopify ecosystem. Our numerous successful retail projects and trainings have earned us the “Shopify Expert” distinction from Shopify. Rest assured, we are skilled professionals committed to revitalizing your business.
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It’s totaly free until you start selling your products.